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COIN Pays People Just for Verifying Locations


COIN Pays People Just for Verifying Locations

It seems like every app these days wants you to share your location data with them. Companies like Google and Apple often know exactly where you are, down to a matter of meters.

What you’re sharing with them is valuable, and they know it. But what exactly are you getting out of the deal? Chances are not much.

But a company called COIN totally gets it. In fact, they’re willing to pay you just to verify your location anonymously. Some people have earned thousands this way.

How to Earn Money Just by Verifying Locations

As technology keeps advancing, location data becomes more and more valuable, which is why COIN is willing to pay you to verify it.

When you create your free account with COIN, you can get paid for traveling to locations that need to be verified. It’s called Geomining — you verify, or “mine” a location to receive rewards.

Don’t worry; it’s super simple. See a blank tile on the map in COIN’s app? Head to it, tap the “Mine” button, and watch the digital currency flow into your COIN account. Seriously. It’s that simple.

Once you’ve stacked enough of their digital currency, COIN tokens, you can convert it into cryptocurrency or redeem it for merchandise, such as a PlayStation 5.

One COIN user, James, started cashing out for the cryptocurrency XYO coin in 2019. The amount of XYO tokens he cashed out is valued at $17,210.27 as of Aug. 31, 2021. He and his wife plan to use some of the money to take the honeymoon they never got the chance to take.

More Ways to Earn Money

Before you grab your lunch pail and head out to geomine, you’ll want to make sure you understand all the ways you can earn money and augment your earnings.

COIN’s auto explore feature lets you Geomine passively. Yep. You could be earning while you’re out running errands, driving, going to work or taking a rideshare to the airport. It’s a great way to make money when you don’t have time to pull over and hit the geomine button.

You can geomine to your heart’s content for free. But if you want to earn two or three times faster, you can subscribe to a Plus or Pro account.

A paid subscription will also boost how quickly a mined tile regenerates for you, and it multiplies the rewards you earn from geomining.

You can also boost your mining efforts with one of COIN’s Sentinel devices. These devices help verify you’re a valid person, which makes your Geomine data more valuable, so COIN will pay you more as a result.

Want a break from mining? COIN also offers rewards for visiting specific stores, completing surveys, scanning certain products at stores and more.

How to Get Started

The most active COIN users have earned thousands, just for going about their daily routine.

Imagine the earnings on a commute to work, a road trip or for a rideshare driver. COIN can even earn you rewards hands-free, while you’re driving.

It takes just a few minutes to download the COIN app and enable location services. Enter your email address here to create your free account.

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