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This Debt Management Program Can Help Your Wipe Out Debt in Just a Few Years


This Debt Management Program Can Help Your Wipe Out Debt in Just a Few Years

Nobody plans to go into debt. But things happen. Maybe you lost your job, or got divorced or just had a rough stretch of luck.

The next thing you know, you’re struggling to make your payments, your credit score is taking a hit and it feels like you’ll never be able to climb your way out of this hole.

You may think you only have a few options: bankruptcy, a major settlement or a consolidation loan you might not even qualify for.

But there’s another option, and it just might be the best-kept secret in the world of debt. It’s a nonprofit called InCharge Debt Solutions, and they help people get out of debt — without having to take out a loan or declare bankruptcy.

The Best-Kept Secret to Getting Out of Debt

InCharge isn’t debt settlement, consolidation or even a loan at all, but the experience is similar — and you could reduce your interest rates on your debt to as low as between zero and 9%.

First of all, there are no credit score criteria for being accepted into the nonprofit program, making it a great fit for people who have already exhausted other options. When you join the program, creditors who work with InCharge agree to lower interest rates. No haggling. No ambiguity. Just one monthly payment that’ll actually help lower what you owe.

How it Works

If you have credit card debt, call InCharge for a free counseling session to go over your specific financial situation and determine the best solution for you. Because it’s a nonprofit, InCharge has no financial incentive to steer you toward any one solution — just the best one for you.

Unlike with debt consolidation, there’s no loan. And unlike debt settlement, you don’t run the risk of destroying your credit score or getting sued for not paying your lenders.

With InCharge’s debt management program, all you have to do is make on-time monthly payments you can afford. It takes just a few minutes to get started: Call InCharge for a free counseling session. See what the best solution is for your debt — and get that much closer to financial freedom.

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