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Save Up to 40% Off Doctor’s Visits With Sidecar Health


Save Up to 40% Off Doctor’s Visits With Sidecar Health

If you’re not covered by an employer healthcare plan or don’t qualify for a subsidized plan on the marketplace, seeing a doctor can be really expensive. Paying out of pocket can scare someone into foregoing an appointment altogether and ultimately risking their health.

That’s not just a bad idea — it could be downright dangerous.

But there’s a new kind of health insurance* that can be customized to be exactly what you need and costs only as much as you can afford. It’s called Sidecar Health, and it’s helping people cut their out-of-pocket cost by up to 40%.

No Hoops to Jump Through

Plans offered through Sidecar Health provide insurance coverage and work to cut down medical expenses by taking advantage of doctors’ discounted cash prices. Since they no longer have to deal with the expensive and time consuming process of insurance billing, they can pass those savings on to you.

But not only are you getting discounted rates directly from doctors, you’re also covered by your insurance plan from Sidecar Health. Depending on your optional deductible and selected benefit amount, you could end up paying only 20% of the doctor’s cost — and if your appointment ends up costing less than the average benefit amount, you could even get money back!

And since there are no networks to worry about, you can see any doctor you want and won’t have to pay out-of-network prices.

Use the App to Find the Lowest Price

How much will your doctor’s appointment cost? Sidecar Health has an app that makes it simple to compare prices between doctors in your area.

Using the app, you can see exactly what your plan will cover and how much you’ll pay for a visit. You’ll also see how much other people have paid for the same services nearby. It makes paying for medical care transparent — a word we’d never thought we’d use for insurance!

The app makes it easy to choose or change your coverage and manage your benefits. You can even upload your receipts to make reimbursement simple.

Find The Plan That Works For You — Or Create One Yourself

There are four different levels of coverage with Sidecar Health: Budget, Standard, Premium or Custom. You can choose based on how much protection you want for emergencies and procedures.

You can customize each of them, too. Don’t take prescriptions? Remove it from your coverage and lower your monthly premium. Want a lower deductible? Pick the exact amount you want. Save even more by locking in your rate for three years.

Getting a quote takes less than a minute — fill out a few questions about yourself, including your birthday and any preexisting conditions, then see all your options in front of you. Then, edit your coverage to be exactly what you need and nothing that you don’t.

Unlike traditional insurance, there are no enrollment periods or exceptions for life changes. You can sign up for coverage and cancel coverage whenever you want. Sign up today and start saving on your insurance in just two weeks.

Kari Faber is a staff writer at Codetic.

*Sidecar Health offers and administers a variety of plans including ACA compliance and excepted benefit plans. This refers to excepted benefit fixed indemnity insurance product marketed and administered by Sidecar Health Insurance Solutions, LLC and underwritten by Sirius America Insurance Company or United States Fire Insurance Company, depending on the state. It does not provide comprehensive/major medical expenses coverage, minimum essential coverage, or essential health benefits. Coverage and plan options may vary or may not be available in all states.

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