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Got Financial Stress? Organize Your Finances With These Tips

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Got Financial Stress? Organize Your Finances With These Tips

People with Type-A personalities tend to have a stereotype attached to them.

You’re super organized, never leave home without your to-do list and hate, hate, hate being late — almost as much as you hate waiting on other late-comers.

On the surface, it might not look like Type As would need any help with money, but it’s all a facade.

Even though you’re always out there trying new budgeting apps and starting side hustles, money is money, and it’s hard for everyone.

Use Your Type A Personality to Cut Financial Stress

If the thought of student loans and saving for the future keep you up at night, use your organizational superpowers to get your finances in order. Think of how nice it’ll be to stop compulsively checking your bank account.

1. Give Your Finances a Grade

IcemanJ/Getty Images

For the perfectionist, not knowing is a nightmare.

If you’ve wasted hours of your time rounding up every bill, debt and account you have, just stop.

There’s a place for everything — and everything in its place — in Credit Sesame’s credit report card.

In one easy-to-understand report, you’ll see all your open accounts, if you’re delinquent on anything and actionable tips for improving each element of your credit score.

James Cooper, a motivational speaker, raised his credit score 277 points using Credit Sesame. Now he talks to high school students about the importance of having good credit and uses what he’s learned through Credit Sesame as a blueprint for his lessons.

“We want to touch the Z Generation,” Cooper says “We’re not in the business of fixing credit. We want to get to you before you have to fix your credit.”

2. Keep Over-Achieving

Holding a trophy to the sky
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You’re most-likely an overachiever, so of course you do your research and get great deals. But when’s the last time you compared prices on those deals to make sure they’re still the best?

Your car insurance premium can creep up on you several times a year, if you’re not monitoring it.

The Zebra, an online car insurance search engine that offers “insurance in black and white,” compares your options from 204 providers in less than 60 seconds to help you find the best rate.

If you’re beating its top pick, you can rest a little easier knowing you’re awesome. If not, you can rest easier knowing you’re about to be awesomer.

3. Turn Your Next Workout Into a Moneymaker

Woman counting money after work out
Carmen Mandato/ Codetic

People might describe you as having a hard time relaxing — what even is that?

Taking a break is hard to do while you’re building an empire.

Fortunately, you can channel some of that nervous energy into earning extra cash.

When you set your goal to get healthy and lose a little weight, you can bet on your success at HealthyWage.

Depending on how much you have to lose, how long you give yourself to do it and how much money you put on the table, you could win up to $10,000. You can bet as little as $100 on losing one to 200 pounds in six to 18 months.

And if Reese Witherspoon taught us anything, it’s that exercising gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy.

4. Consolidate Your Stress

Woman stressed at work
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If you have high-interest credit card debt, stop biting your nails and do something about it.

Try refinancing debt through Fiona, a financial technology company that helps match you to a personal loan that meets your needs. Refinancing your credit card debt could get you a lower interest rate and save you thousands while you pay it off.

Fiona searches the top online lenders to match you with a personalized loan offer in less than 60 seconds. If your credit score is at least 620, its platform can help you borrow up to $100,000 (no collateral needed) with fixed rates starting at 4.99% and terms from 24 to 84 months.

And then go get a manicure, because your nails probably need it.

5. Turn Your Planning Skills on Your Retirement

Senior couple floating in ocean
AleksandarNakic/Getty Images

Waiting is so hard to do. And you know what feels like it’s never going to come?


While you’re impatiently waiting to use all that money you’re putting away — you are saving for retirement right? — make sure your investments are optimized with a free 401(k) check up from Blooom.

Blooom will analyze your retirement plan to show you the diversity of funds in your account and uncover unnecessary hidden investment fees. You can finally have peace of mind that your retirement account is working as efficiently as you are.

If you want to know more than that (of course you do) you can enroll in Blooom’s simple 401(k) management and monitoring for $10 a month. It’ll automatically adjust your 401(k) to best fit your needs all the way up to retirement.

Bonus: Penny Hoarders get one month free.

6. Send a Text to Add an Extra $70 to Your Savings This Week

Five dollar bills in a back pocket
nnn21/Getty Images

No matter who you are, there’s one thing every bank account could use: more money. Easier said than done, right? 

But a free app called Dobot from Fifth Third Bank makes it easy. When you connect Dobot to your savings account, it allows you to save money as easily as sending a text. 

Just text Dobot, “Save $10,” and the app will take care of the transfer for you. We suggest doing this for every day of the savings challenge. 

It takes just a few minutes to sign up. Plus, by the end of the week, you’ll have a cool extra $70 in your account.

Jen Smith is a junior writer at Codetic and gives money saving and debt payoff tips on Instagram at @savingwithspunk.

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