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Here’s How to Get a Free Quote on Car Insurance From The Zebra


Here’s How to Get a Free Quote on Car Insurance From The Zebra

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For many, car insurance is just one of those things where we cave in and pay. Because, just like the electric bill and phone service, we need it, right?

There’s no getting around car insurance, unfortunately. And if you really want to get the best price on car insurance, experts say you should be shopping twice a year.

OK, we can hear you laughing from here. Who has time to do all that?


Thankfully, a free website called The Zebra will do the shopping for you — in just two minutes. 

“Not only can a lot of circumstances in your life and your car (mileage, age) change in that time [less than a year], but insurance companies may be changing their pricing as well,” says Alyssa Connolly, the director of marketing insights at The Zebra.

All you have to do is enter basic information about your car and driving history, then The Zebra compares prices from more than 100 companies to find you the best price.

We talked to Artie Januario, who found new insurance through The Zebra and managed to knock off $30 a month — or $360 a year — from his premium.

“The Zebra is literally there to save me money, which I think at the end of the day, that’s what everybody wants,” he says.

Just enter information about your car and your coverage needs, and The Zebra shows dozens of side-by-side quotes from top insurance companies for free. If you find a policy you like, you can sign up online instantly.


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