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The Top Career Stories of 2019 Will Inspire Your Dream Job


The Top Career Stories of 2019 Will Inspire Your Dream Job

It’s never the right time to start your dream career.

Or is it always the right time?

Looking back over the different careers we’ve covered in 2019, we’re reminded that the world is full of opportunity. But getting started can be the hardest step. As you head into 2020, full of dreams and plans and goals, don’t let them get derailed by the third week of January. 

A new career could be well within your grasp.

5 Top Career Stories of 2019

1. 10 Great Careers — No Bachelor’s Required

If you don’t have a bachelor’s degree — and don’t really aspire to the whole four-years-of-college thing — you’ve probably wondered what your job prospects are. Well, we crunched some federal data and came up with this list of the 10 Best Jobs of 2019 That Don’t Require a Bachelor’s Degree. Read up — and then go get one.

2. Coders, Programmers (and How Much They Make)

Have you ever wondered exactly what coders do? Or is it programmers? (Or are those the same?) We’ve answered those questions, plus this all-important one: What are the job prospects in this hot field?

3. Community Colleges: An Overlooked Resource

If you’re taking the first steps into your career, or maybe considering a new one, here’s one stop you need to make: your local community college. You can earn valuable credentials, get into an apprenticeship program or test out an idea at a makerspace. And those well-paying non-bachelor’s jobs we mentioned — community colleges are your entry point.

4. The Future Is Video Gaming

It’s a bit cute to use the term “gaming” to describe a $43 billion industry. But with those kind of numbers, you can believe there are good jobs to be had. And you don’t have to actually, you know, be a gamer to get into this career field.

5. Head to the Office? No, Thanks.

We recently read that 5% of Americans currently work from home. Want to join their ranks and land yourself a pajama job? These 29 companies regularly hire people to work from home. (And don’t worry, we’ve checked them out. They’re legit.)

Molly Moorhead is a senior editor at Codetic.

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