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Stop Giving Your Car Insurance Company an Extra $865 Every Year · The Penny Hoarder


Stop Giving Your Car Insurance Company an Extra $865 Every Year · The Penny Hoarder

Have you been paying your car insurance bill to the same old insurance company for years? You’re probably paying too much.

Over the years, your life has probably changed — and so has the value of your car. Plus, insurance companies you might have looked at years ago are constantly changing their pricing. One easy way to save on car insurance is by shopping and comparing rates twice a year. But that sounds like a pain.

Fortunately, a service called Gabi will do it for you, and you don’t even have to fill out any forms. Simply link your insurance account and provide your driver’s license number, and it’ll go to work.

Gabi says it finds an average savings of $865 per year for its customers.

It offers a true apples-to-apples comparison at the same coverage levels and deductibles you currently have, and instantly compares rates from up to 20 providers to find you the best deal. Once you sign up, you never have to shop again. Gabi’s software has your policy on file and keeps on monitoring for savings as your life changes.

Here’s How This Mom Saved $960

As a single mother of one, Lourdes Robles-Velazquez has to watch every penny.

She spends her money judiciously. She trims the fat from her budget. She cuts out luxuries.

But she’s never had the option of canceling her car insurance, even when she could barely afford it. That’s not a luxury. In most states, everyone who drives is legally required to be insured.

“With car insurance, you have to have it,” Robles-Velazquez says. “There’s no way you can get around it.”

Once Robles-Velazquez linked her insurance account to Gabi, it immediately:

  • Scanned her existing insurance plan.
  • Analyzed which coverage she had.
  • Compared other major insurers’ rates for that same coverage.
  • Found her a better rate and offered to help her switch on the spot.

She didn’t even have to fill out any forms.

“[Gabi] gave me a couple of quotes, including one that brought the price down,” Robles-Velazquez says. “I switched [companies] immediately and started to save some money.”

How much money? Insuring two Toyota Priuses, she’s saving $80 a month, which adds up to $960 a year.

Not too shabby.

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